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  • The castor bean, also known as Palma Christi due to its shape and healing properties, is known most commonly as a harsh laxative which is taken externally. A more gentle yet powerful form is a pack placed over the abdomen applied with heat. The oil is absorbed into the lymphatic circulation to provide a soothing, cleansing, and nutritive treatment. The Castor Oil Pack has many applications, and is specific in cases of non-malignant uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, fibrocystic breast tissue, painful menstrual cramps. Other conditions which respond well to the Castor Oil Pack include headaches, migraines, constipation, liver disorders, gallbladder inflammation or stones. *With uterine growths, bleeding, pregnancy or ulcers do not apply with heat.

  • Contact information for South Shore Wellness Massage on East Street in Hanover, MA

  • If you suffer from Fibromyalgia, you know it is painful. You've heard that massage therapy can be helpful, and you would like to try it. Is massage therapy a good thing when it hurts? How does hurting help? How do you know if you have a good therapist? How do you know if it is going to help you?

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  • Massage therapy, when received on a regular basis, helps work out chronic muscular tension. Massage melts away a certain amount of tension in each session, and if received regularly, keeps tension from building up again. This tension can be a result of an injury, stress, depression, chronic ailment or misalignment of the body. Massage helps you identify and correct patterns of holding tension. You can learn to relax and let go of tension you may not have even been aware of. This can be accomplished by massage, yoga, pilates and other positive exercise programs.

  • Explaination of different types or modalities of massage. Deep tissue, trigger point, Thai massage, Yogassage, Sports massage, positonal release, PNF stretching, Reflexology, hot stone massage and Reiki.

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  • Keith Deveau is a licensed massage therapist practicing at South Shore Wellness Massage in Hanover, Massachusetts. His specialties are neck, shoulder, back and leg problems using the deep tissue and trigger point and postitonal release methods as well as sports massage and Thai massage.

  • Videos for IT (Illio Tibial) Band streteching for runners or gym enthusiasts. Shoulder and neck stretches for anyone who works on a computer.

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  • If you have never had a massage before, you may be nervous about what to expect during a massage session.